Gatchalian warns of smuggling ahead of luxury car tax

Senator Win Gatchalian has warned the Bureau of Customs to be prepared to combat the higher incidence of car smuggling when additional excise taxes are imposed on the sale of luxury vehicles. Gatchalian said shrewd stakeholders in the automobile industry are likely to engage in the underground trading of high-end vehicles to dodge paying exorbitant […]

Gatchalian seeks transparency in gov’t economic policies

Senator Win Gatchalian is pushing for the passage of legislation which would promote greater transparency in the government’s monetary and fiscal policy direction through strict congressional oversight and mandatory disclosure of information to the public. Senate Bill No. 1483, otherwise known as the Fiscal and Monetary Report Act of 2017, mandates the Secretaries of the […]

Gatchalian: Strict vetting system for foreign aid needed

The Philippine government has been using a loose vetting system for foreign-funded investments, which has allowed scheming foreign firms to pull off one-sided trade contracts to the detriment of the nation and the Filipino people, Senator Win Gatchalian bared after a hearing by the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs regarding investment deals inked during President […]

Gatchalian: Reform telco sector to fix dismal PH internet service

Senator Win Gatchalian has reiterated the need to implement wide-ranging reforms in the telecommunications industry to make Internet service in the country at par with international standards. Gatchalian stressed that stronger government regulation and genuine competition among stakeholders, plus technical innovation, will streamline the industry and improve corporate services. “The poor Internet connection in our […]

Build infra to explore Philippine Rise – Gatchalian

Senator Win Gatchalian said government should now focus on building naval and research facilities near the Philippine Rise region to fast-track the exploration of its full potential for the benefit of the Filipino people. ”There is an urgent need for us to hasten the conduct of extensive research so we can map out strategies on […]

Gatchalian: Time to tighten the noose on telco players

Stricter regulations must govern the use of public spectrum to compel telecommunication companies to improve public services, Senator Win Gatchalian said on Monday as he urged government to tighten the noose on monopoly players in the telecommunications industry. During the second part of his sponsorship speech outlining key policy recommendations and legislative propositions culled from public hearings […]

Gatchalian seeks competition reforms in telco industry

The telecommunications industry continues to be ruled by a duopoly because of the inability of the government to effectively foster a vibrant competitive environment, Senator Win Gatchalian said on Tuesday as he sought to give more teeth to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to regulate telecommunication firms. Gatchalian, who is the chairman of the Senate […]

Gatchalian backs PH participation in ‘Belt and Road’ initiative

Senator Win Gatchalian on Saturday backed the Duterte administration’s decision to participate in China’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative, highlighting the program’s potential to boost infrastructure development in the Philippines and foster inclusive economic growth throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region. President Rodrigo Duterte is one of more than two dozen world leaders scheduled to travel […]

Senate approves PH Innovation Act

The Senate approved on Tuesday the Philippine Innovation Act (Senate Bill No. 1355) on third and final reading, setting the stage for the formulation of an ambitious innovation policy framework that will drive the country’s economic development and inclusive growth over the next few decades. “There is no better timing for the passage of this Act than […]