Public Order & Safety

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on June, 1, 2023

Gov’t now has stronger case to expel POGOs out of the country

Senator Win Gatchalian said the government now has a stronger case to expel Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) from the country following a revelation that a licensed POGO company has been double-dealing for criminal activities that include human trafficking and crypto-currency scams.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on May, 17, 2023

Senate inquiry into possible POGO involvement in human trafficking activities

Senator Win Gatchalian wants a Senate inquiry into the possible involvement of the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) industry in human trafficking activities.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on May, 15, 2023

Majority of POGO-related crimes in PH are human trafficking cases

Majority of the crimes related to Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs) involved human trafficking cases which is an indication that organized criminal groups tied to the industry may be operating in the country, Senator Win Gatchalian said.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on May, 11, 2023

Fintech users should invoke law following GCash fiasco

Senator Win Gatchalian urged financial technology (fintech) users to invoke measures set in Republic Act No. 11765 or the Financial Products and Services Consumer Protection Act and its implementing rules and regulations following an apparent foiled attempt by suspected cyber criminals to siphon off money from GCash, a popular fintech platform in the country.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on May, 8, 2023

LGUs should be better equipped for disaster-preparedness amid extreme weather events

Gatchalian wants local government units (LGUs) to be better equipped in their disaster-preparedness program to mitigate the impact of disasters and calamities due to extreme weather conditions.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on April, 25, 2023

Filipinos in Sudan urged to establish contact with Philippine Embassy in Cairo

Senator Win Gatchalian urged distressed Filipinos in Sudan to get in touch with the Philippine Embassy in Cairo, Egypt for their immediate repatriation amid heightened hostilities in the African nation.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on April, 20, 2023

Bill imposes imprisonment for nuisance candidates

Stiffer penalties including imprisonment should be imposed against nuisance candidacy to deter vicious political conflicts that sometimes lead to unwarranted loss of lives, according to Senator Win Gatchalian, in view of the ongoing Senate inquiry on the death of Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on April, 17, 2023

Arrest rising incidence of smuggling of excisable products

Senator Win Gatchalian is seeking to address the rising incidence of illegal trade involving excisable products in a bid to arrest revenue leakages and protect the health of consumers.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on April, 15, 2023

Assign lifeguard in every public pool

Following a series of drowning incidents that killed more than 70 this past Holy Week, Senator Win Gatchalian reiterated his proposal to assign a lifeguard in every public swimming pool or any bathing facilities in the country.