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Nanay-Teacher Parenting Camp full force in Valenzuela City

It’s official.


All 39 public elementary schools in Valenzuela City will be participating in the Nanay-Teacher Parenting Program, an initiative of Valenzuela City Congressman Win Gatchalian.


In fact, Valenzuela City Councilor Lorie Natividad-Borja confirmed that all public elementary schools have already started with their training seminars for parents in their respective campuses.


“There will be 52 sessions of parenting seminar that will be conducted in Valenzuela City schools from October 1 to 7,” the city councilor said.


Over 10,000 parents are expected to attend the 52 parenting sessions.


The highest number expected of parents will be coming from Malinta Elementary School, with an estimate of 1,000 parents, who committed to join morning and afternoon sessions this coming Saturday, October 4.


Also, from October 1 to 7, about 14 public elementary schools will conduct their first batch of parenting seminar including:


Dona Ata Elementary School Pio Valenzuela Elementary School ï»¿
Rincon Elementary School A. Fernando Elementary School
Paltok Elementary School Punturin Elemementary School
P.R. San Diego Elementary School Isla Elementary School
Tugatog Elementary School Andres Mariano Elementary School
Sitio Sto. Rosario Elementary School Lawang Bato Elementary School
Wawang Pulo Elementary School Tagalag Elementary School


Since Nanay-Teacher Parenting Program is a part of Gatchalian’s initiatives, it will be implemented in Valenzuela City government first.


Under the program, the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) members who joined the first Nanay-Teacher Training in Cavite last September 3 are tasked to train other members in their respective schools.


The training session focused on how to properly teach and discipline their children through dialogues and workshops, in which parents can receive lectures, materials, and parenting modules.


Public elementary schools are given a three-month period from September 15 to December 15 to conduct the parenting seminar for parents of all of their students.


Schools that will attain 75 percent attendance rate will receive new liquid-crystal display (LCD) projectors, laptops, and light-emitting diode (LED) television.


As of September 30, Paso de Blas Elementary School has already completed their parenting session in all grade levels but will still decide as to whether they will set another session for absent parents. (Tim Alcantara)