Public Order & Safety

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on April, 18, 2022

Gatchalian vows to refile SIM card registration bill

There’s no backing out for Senator Win Gatchalian in his bid to have all subscriber identity module (SIM) cards being used in the country mandated to be registered to protect the public from those carrying out wicked schemes and illicit activities.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on April, 13, 2022

Gatchalian: Uphold child rights education while enforcing law vs. statutory rape

While the age of sexual consent in the Philippines has been raised from 12 to 16 to protect children from violence and abuse, Senator Win Gatchalian is pressing the need to uphold child rights education at the basic education level.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on March, 31, 2022

Gatchalian to DFA: Intensify info campaign to counter misinformation on passport application

Senator Win Gatchalian called on the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to address the apparent misinformation that have recently caused the influx of applicants for passport and apostille services that have been flocking and lining up all day and even staying overnight at the Aseana Business Park Office in Parañaque City.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on March, 25, 2022

Gatchalian to SEC: Fast track creation of new office vs. abusive and illegal lenders

Senator Win Gatchalian urged the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to fast track the creation of a new office that will deal solely on the regulation and monitoring of financing and lending firms and pursue without letting up its crackdown against abusive and illegal lenders.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on March, 2, 2022

Gatchalian joins senators’ call to suspend e-sabong until missing cockfighters’ cases are resolved

A proactive approach to thwart new cases of abductions and disappearance of individuals engaged in online cockfighting pending the resolution of the cases of 31 “missing” sabungeros was how Senator Win Gatchalian described the move taken by the Senate to have the licenses of e-sabong operators suspended.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on February, 24, 2022

Gatchalian wants measures to sustain drop in teenage pregnancy

While the number of teenage pregnancies dropped in 2020, re-electionist Senator Win Gatchalian maintained that effective measures should be in place to ensure a decreasing number of teenage mothers in succeeding years.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on February, 17, 2022

Gatchalian: ‘Dugo-dugo’ gang will be out of business once SIM card registration becomes a law

Mandating the registration of subscriber identification module (SIM) cards would mark the end of an era to the modus operandi called “dugo-dugo” or “budol-budol,” Senator Win Gatchalian said.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on February, 16, 2022

Gatchalian hails victory for children’s rights; stronger measure vs. human trafficking ratified

Senator Win Gatchalian has declared victory in upholding the rights and safety of Filipino children after the Senate and the House of Representatives ratified the bicameral conference committee report on a measure that seeks to strengthen the country’s anti-trafficking laws.

Public Order & Safety
by Win Gatchalian on January, 25, 2022

Gatchalian: Protect delivery riders from abusive customers

Senator Win Gatchalian said if we want to protect delivery riders from fake bookings and hoax orders, we should also protect them from abusive customers.