On Local Government Month: Strengthen LGU involvement in education

Amid the nationwide celebration of the Local Government Month, Senator Win Gatchalian is pushing to strengthen the involvement of local government units (LGUs) in improving the delivery and quality of basic education.   The 21st Century School Boards Act (Senate Bill No. 155), which Gatchalian refiled as one of his priority measures for the 19th […]

Financial literacy should be taught in schools

Senator Win Gatchalian has filed a bill that will require the teaching of financial literacy in elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels, including technical-vocational institutions.   At the elementary level, the EPF course will cover basic economic principles such as, but not limited to, individual and family financial goal setting, evaluating expenses, and budget preparation. At […]

Mental health services in basic education schools

Amid the celebration of World Mental Health Day today, October 10, Senator Win Gatchalian is reiterating his push to institutionalize mental health services in public and private schools nationwide.   Considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and prolonged school closures, Gatchalian emphasized the need to ensure that recovery efforts include psychosocial support for both […]

P100-M cut on operations budget to affect sports academy’s recruitment

A cut of more than P100 million on the National Academy of Sports’ (NAS) operations budget will hamper the recruitment of student-athletes, Senator Win Gatchalian flagged.   Gatchalian pointed to the looming cut during the Senate Committee on Finance’s hearing on the proposed 2023 budget of the Department of Education (DepEd) and its attached agencies, […]

Commitment to ensure quality education for aspiring teachers

Upholding quality teacher education and training entails the proper implementation of the landmark Excellence in Teacher Education Act (Republic Act No. 11713), which Gatchalian sponsored during the 18th Congress and was signed into law last April. The law, which Gatchalian also authored, seeks to improve the quality of teacher education and training in the country […]

Lower fund for higher education programs affects thousands of students

Senator Win Gatchalian will seek additional funding for next year’s higher education programs to ensure that qualified students will not be deprived of free college education and financial assistance. The TES provides additional funding for education-related costs, including books, transportation, board and lodging, and allowances for disability-related expenses, among others. De Vera also said that […]

Secure budget for ALS, SPED

Senator Win Gatchalian is pushing to have separate line items for the budgets of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) and Special Education (SPED).   Gatchalian made this call during the Senate Committee on Finance’s hearing on the proposed budget of the Department of Education (DepEd) and its attached agencies for Fiscal Year 2023. While the […]

On addressing classroom shortage: Let LGUs do the construction

Senator Win Gatchalian is proposing that local government units (LGUs) be given the task of constructing classrooms to efficiently address the shortage nationwide.   “DepEd will get 50% of the funds, and the LGU gets the other 50%, but it’s the LGU that builds. I think that is quite effective. In effect, you now have […]

Inquiry on use of Filipino Sign Language for deaf education

Amid the celebration of the International Day of Sign Languages today, September 23, Senator Win Gatchalian is pushing for a Senate inquiry on the impact of using the Filipino Sign Language (FSL) as the language of instruction of deaf education.   In filing Proposed Senate Resolution No. 14, Gatchalian noted serious neglect in the implementation […]