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Gatchalian: police corruption is discouraging foreign investment

Senator Win Gatchalian ​samples the scent being sold by an entrepreneur at a recent business franchise event in Pasay City. The senator, in a statement, said police corruption can turn off foreign investors from putting up or expanding their trade footprint in the country. (Photo by Mark Cayabyab)

Unresolved corruption issues within the ranks of the embattled Philippine National Police (PNP) will discourage foreign investors from doing further business in the Philippines unless the government takes swift action to hold erring cops accountable for their crimes, Senator Win Gatchalian said on Thursday.

“The numerous police scandals making headlines in recent months are threatening to harm an essential element of the road map toward sustained economic growth: strong foreign investments in the domestic market,” said Gatchalian, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Economic Affairs.

Gatchalian pointed to the statement of the Korean Chamber of Commerce, which demanded the speedy resolution of the kidnapping with homicide case of slain Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo and greater protection for the 120,000 Korean nations residing in the Philippines, as a wake up call for law enforcement authorities.

“Our government has to do more to ensure the safety of people of all nationalities who step foot on Philippine soil. How can we expect our foreign allies and neighbors to do business here and contribute to Philippine economic growth when corrupt policemen are sowing chaos and lawlessness on the streets? We have to stop this embarrassing situation before it causes more harm to our prospects of national development,” said Gatchalian.