EXPLANATION OF VOTE: Healthy Nanay and Bulilit Act

EXPLANATION OF VOTE: Healthy Nanay and Bulilit Act


Senate Bill No. 1537Healthy Nanay and Bulilit Act

05 March 2018


Honorable Win Gatchalian, Senator of the Republic, voting YES to the measure:


Mr. President, allow me to offer a few words of support for the important legislation that we have just passed.

Truly, the first 1,000 days is a critical stage in the early development of every newborn child. Unfortunately, many poor families struggle to provide nutrition and sustenance to their children. These struggles sometimes result in the flushing out of promising young lives before they have really even started, due to hunger or lack of immunization. Equally troubling are the struggles of impoverished young mothers whose poor health may result in death due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Mr. President, in this context, the approval of Senate Bill No. 1537, the Healthy Nanay and Bulilit Act, comes at the perfect time. Our celebration of Women’s Month this March is made all the richer by the addition of this concrete legislative support to this nation’s mothers, giving essential aid to them as they nurture the children who will become the leaders of the future. Truly, this bill signifies the renewal of the government’s commitment to addressing the health and nutrition problems of newborns, infants, young children, and pregnant and lactating women.

I sincerely hope that this essential piece of legislation will eventually be enacted into law.

Thank you Mr. President.