Public Service Record

His early years of corporate experience in transacting with various government agencies actually inspired Senator Win to become a public servant.

As a top business executive, he saw the need for government agencies to ease the burden on entrepreneurs, who want to expand their businesses, in order to boost local economy.

So when Valenzuela City’s lone congressional district was divided into two in 2001, he took his chance to run for public office and became the first representative of the first district in Valenzuela City.

As a member of the 12th Congress, Senator Win served as vice chairman for the House Committees on: Government Enterprise and Privatization, Trade and Industry, as well as Tourism until 2004.

From clinching his first congressional seat, Senator Win then moved on to serve as the mayor of 600,000 Valenzuelanos for three consecutive terms from 2004 to 2013.

With a degree on finance and management as well as solid experience working at top level positions in prime companies, he treated Valenzuela City as a brand name and ran it like a private corporation.



Just six months into his first term as mayor, Senator Win ended the city’s garbage woes and turned Valenzuela into an urban model of cleanliness.

In the aftermath of the devastation of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) in 2009, he was able to help make Valenzuela City as the first city in Metro Manila to clear its 4,459.4-hectare land area of flood debris and rubbish.

Senator Win also streamlined and simplified government transactions in his bid to rein in corruption and to improve public service.

By integrating relevant technologies in government procedures, he was also able to improve tax collection and increase taxpayers’ confidence in local administration.

In fact, Valenzuela City’s revenues and income more than doubled from P900 million in 2004 to P2.1 billion in 2013.


Infrastructure Projects

Senator Win made infrastructure development in Valenzuela a priority during his term, constantly improving city operations for both citizens and enterprises.

In 2008, he opened the government-funded P90-million Lingunan-Lawang Bato overpass to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. It linked the eastern and western portions of the city that had earlier been separated by the Northern Luzon Expressway (NLEX).

The construction of the 80-meter-long and 10-meter-wide bridge significantly eased traffic congestion along the narrow Canumay East Service Road and the NLEX’s busy Malinta Exit, and facilitated trade flow across the city.

He also oversaw the construction work of a new government complex, which strategically placed city offices and public service agencies in a single district. This included a new executive building, a finance center and the police headquarters.


Education Program

When he was still the mayor of Valenzuela City, Senator Win launched a comprehensive educational program.

His WIN ang Edukasyon program prioritized the building of more than 2,000 classroom and distributing one million notebooks, lesson planners, and other teaching and learning materials every year since 2004.

At the same time, public school teachers were given regular city government-sponsored trainings and seminars on the latest in teaching methods and strategies.

In support of the national government’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) program, he also distributed state-of-the-art computer laboratories to public high schools.