by Win Gatchalian on March, 10, 2021

On Fire Prevention Month: Regulate the LPG industry to save lives, properties

As important as the necessity to regulate the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry in the country is the need to ensure the well-being of more than eight million Filipino households depending on LPG for their daily cooking needs, Senator Win Gatchalian said.

by Win Gatchalian on March, 7, 2021

NCIP complies with EVOSS law

After two years since the Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop (EVOSS) was signed into law, Senator Win Gatchalian lauded the move of the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) to comply with the provisions of the law in pursuing energy development projects.

by Win Gatchalian on February, 16, 2021

Inquiry into PH energy transition plan needed

Senator Win Gatchalian has filed a resolution seeking an inquiry into the government’s energy transition plan following the Department of Energy’s (DOE) move last year banning new coal power plants to accelerate the country’s shift to cleaner energy.

by Win Gatchalian on February, 15, 2021

Bill regulating LPG industry passed on third reading

A bill streamlining existing laws and regulating the domestic liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industry to ensure consumer welfare against the rampant industry malpractices and provide consumer choice has been approved on third and final reading in the Senate, Senator Win Gatchalian said.

by Win Gatchalian on January, 26, 2021

To power distributors: Be more lenient on disconnection policy

Senator Win Gatchalian is again asking power distributors to take notice of pleas for leniency on the disconnection of power supply of customers who still cannot afford to pay their unsettled electricity bills in full. 

by Win Gatchalian on January, 21, 2021

Extend ‘no disconnection’ policy for low-income consumers’ unpaid electricity bill

Senator Win Gatchalian urged the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and distribution utilities (DUs), such as Meralco, to heed the call of the public to further extend the ‘no disconnection’ policy for low-income consumers at least until the end of the government-imposed General Community Quarantine (GCQ).

by Win Gatchalian on January, 18, 2021

Extension of lifeline rate subsidy in electricity bill gets Senate nod

Senator Win Gatchalian said low-income households can look forward to a continued subsidy in their electricity consumption bills in the next 10 years.

by Win Gatchalian on January, 16, 2021

To ERC: Demand refund if Visayan Electric’s charges are unjustifiable

Senator Win Gatchalian said a refund should be in order if it will be proven that a violation has been committed by the Visayan Electric Company (VECO) because of its high cost of electricity.

by Win Gatchalian on January, 4, 2021

LNG terminals needed before Malampaya supply runs dry

Senator Win Gatchalian has set in motion the Senate deliberations on a measure that will further develop the natural gas industry, providing for a replacement of the Malampaya deep water gas-to-power project even before its supply runs out and avert possible rotational brownouts beginning 2022.