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Kuwaiti government should be held accountable for the fate of slain OFW Jeanelyn Villavende

“It’s an insult to our government, an insult to our country, and an insult to Filipino people especially to the OFWs who’ve been toiling almost blood, sweat and, tears in the Middle East.”


SOUTH COTABATO, Philippines – A familiar countryside view of South Cotabato, the home province of slain OFW Jeanelyn Villavende, 26, who hailed from Brgy. Tinago of Norala town, Oct. 2015 file. Senator Win Gatchalian said the Kuwaiti Ambassador in the Philippines should be summoned amid doubts on the real cause of death of Villavende. Photo by Mark Cayabyab/OS WIN GATCHALIAN

This was how Senator Win Gatchalian described the treatment of the Kuwaiti government on the death of Jeanelyn Villavende, adding that such a very serious matter demands justice.

Gatchalian castigated the Kuwaiti government for failing to fulfill its promise of providing better labor conditions and to ensure the protection of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the Gulf country. He cited reports on the case of Villevende who died in December last year. “Kinukuha ang kanilang passport. They are scattered all over the place. They are not protected by employers or corporations, underpaid and, they complain of delayed salaries”, said Gatchalian.

“I think the fact will state that there was bad faith. We demand the truth and this is not how countries and friends treat each other by giving fake reports”, Gatchalian stressed, insisting that Kuwait’s report is nothing but “garbage”.

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) autopsy report shows that Villavende was sexually abused and physically maltreated while Kuwaiti forensic doctors said Villavende died of physical injuries.

The Philippines and Kuwait signed an agreement in May 2018 on labor reforms which covers both skilled Filipino workers and Filipino household service workers. The MOA stated that employers cannot confiscate the passports and other travel documents of Filipino workers and that they must be allowed to use their phones. The agreement also covers repatriation of distressed OFWs in need of assistance, activation of a 24/7 hotline for them, and creation of a special police unit that would assist the Philippine embassy in rescue operations for OFWs.

Gatchalian said that it is high time to stop these occurrences from happening again and supports call to implement total ban for Filipino household service workers to Kuwait since they are the most vulnerable among workers deployed in the area. Gatchalian said that skilled workers are normally protected by their corporations and they go through formal channels but household service workers normally process their papers under the radar.

For the lawmaker, the next move should be to summon the Kuwaiti Ambassador in the Philippines amid doubts on the real cause of death of Villavende.

Another Filipino worker Joanna Demafelis died in Kuwait in April 2018 whose body was found in a freezer.

Gatchalian reiterated that we have to make sure that the lives of our OFWs in Kuwait are all protected and that mechanisms are in place for their well-being.